Maintain a Zen garden – The art of Living like a garden wizard.

Writing a blog or an article may be a relatively simple and quick task for many, particularly for those who are tuned into the digital world. But, when you shift gears and get into some serious kind of writing like famous authors, it is the inspiration that forms the pivot of some of those best seller titles, whether in the world of fiction or nonfiction. Printed books have perhaps lost some of its sheen, thanks to the proliferation of the digital media and handheld devices. But, devout writers have not given up on writing, and we continue to see some wonderful books on the stands.

Nature has, for long, played an important role in inspiring writers and even poets. ‘Glory of the Garden’ by Rudyard Kipling, George Bernard Shaw and Sir Walter Scott are among the other famous writers whose love for nature has given birth to some of their best creations.

Nature has its own unique way of communicating with human minds, and gardens present an even more vivid environment with multiple colours, some chirping birds perhaps, the honeybees humming their own music, the odd flies, and a host of other trivia have their own unique and silent messages for the mankind.

Amazing Garden

I admit, If I wouldn’t have got professional garden maintenance services, I definitely wouldn’t have found my very own natures lap to give wings to my thoughts, my creativity, my sense of wonder and pen it down on the piece of paper. A writer is a person gifted with the unique ability to absorb the essence from these silent messages and converting them into meaningful and sensible prose or poetry. Even an ordinary human can draw from this mystic power of nature when he is in solitude in the thick of a garden or alone on a silvery beach. The roar of the ocean, the rise and fall of the waves, all have their own stories. The ability to decipher those stories is limited to only a select group of minds. They are known as gifted writers.

That most writers of varying description draw solace and inspiration from their gardens may be a truism. One thing for sure is that they take to their gardens for protection from the world outside as well as its demands. Given that writing is a solitary business, external influences ought to remain uplifting and subtle and not distracting and noisy. In modern times, there are many works that exemplify the role and importance of gardens in a writer’s life.

Why do writers need inspiration?

The answer is simple. Inspiration transforms creative readers into creative writers. Some of the immortalised creations in the history of writing have stemmed from momentary inspirations.

Why are gardens important to writers?

Having explained what inspiration is, and what role nature plays in inspiring authors, I must now narrate my own recent experience with my very own home garden and my profession as a writer. When I say ‘writer’, I do not belong to the family of ‘writers’ who manage to scrape and assemble some words from multiple pages to describe the end product as their ‘writing’. I write pure fiction and from concept to print; every alphabet comes from my pen alone. Unfortunately, this line must be drawn because the title ‘writer’ is a grossly misinterpreted word in today’s world.

I moved recently from Perth to Sydney

It was at the beginning of last New Year that I decided to relocate to Sydney from Perth. The decision was influenced by my wife finding a new job in Sydney and our agreeing that Sydney was a better place to live and work. Thankfully, all the initial jerks associated with relocation were sorted out without many hassles and I would say that we had a relatively smooth transition. Our new home was pre-arranged, and things started falling into place quickly. Our kids started attending school, and my wife’s employers had arranged her transport to and from work. As a writer by profession, I was a home bird and my favourite spot was the garden.

Trouble brewing

As I said earlier, my garden in Perth was my home as far as my writing went. I have always adored nature and the calm, serene settings my garden presented. Now, in our Sydney home things were different. Indeed the house we bought was lavish by any standard and garden space was never a problem. There was also enough green all around, but none of them could even come up close to being described as a garden. Naturally, I was somewhat rattled for the whole day. Add to it; I am not a great fan of the DIY stuff nor am I comfortable with all the gardening tools. My lifestyle is more on a cosy couch allowing multiple components of my brain to do overtime work.

I must have a good enough garden sooner than later

Mowing lawn and gardening is not exactly my cup of tea although I love nature and rely hugely on Her for my inspiration. I need a mind that works at twice the speed of normal humans, process those flashes of thoughts and assimilate them into a presentable chain of words so that I can allow my brain to take a breather while I get back to my laptop and scribble away all the good work done by my brain so far. So, the next best thing I could do was find a professional gardening service and task them with my needs.

My wife snatches the initiative from me

After fumbling through the internet, I was not very sure that I found the right agency to work with. That night I broached the topic with my wife. She was also relatively new at her desk but was a more social animal than I am. After listening to me for a full thirty minutes, she heaved a sigh of relief and said that my problem would be resolved that weekend. Later, it turned out that one of her new colleagues owned a family business that was a perfect fit for my needs. Our new friend arrived the following Saturday with another member of her family, who was in-charge of the business. The digital world had already helped us with some broad idea of how much I should expect to cough up for the services. Thankfully, the quote we received was a tad lower than what we had expected. In less than two weeks, my garden was 90% closer to my expectations.

Excellent Ways To Save Big On Space With Miniload Steel Shelving

Miniload steel shelving is a form of automated storage and retrieval system or AS/RS which is ideal to use in storing light to medium loads in high storage. This is operated with the use of automated handling equipment. In mini load steel shelving, the adopted steel solution employed for racking may be a light one, but several factors must be considered such as the load unit that needs to be stored, the height of the mini load pallet racking system as well as other forces that may influence the entire structure.

How mini load steel shelving works

What makes mini load steel shelving unique is that it has a compact design allowing storage of more stocks while using less space. These AS/RS systems are constructed using a strong but lightweight type of alloys. Hence, this is why the mini load is considered more affordable during installation, operation and maintenance. There are specific reasons why lightweight alloys are used including faster performance which makes these types of systems more productive compared to the ones that come before it. With mini load, there are pans containing items that are stored in a random method, but each pan may contain various products arranged loosely or in a particular order. The good news is that the computer system known where each item is located inside the system can be brought to the picking station for the operator.
The mini-load is available at various speeds whether horizontally or vertically to match the rhythm of the activities inside the warehouse. Load stability is achieved with through variable acceleration. These systems are high speed, but the machine is quiet and can be operated just like the usual office surrounding.

Benefits of mini-load steel shelving

There are various advantages in employing mini load steel shelving such as:

Space efficient – With the system, totes are easily accessible and multiple items can be stored inside the tote because the computer software allows tracking for thousands of product codes.

Learning curve is very minimal – The operators will be able to work faster.

Multiple heights – The overhead space will be put to good use because the system can be as high as 10 to 50 inches in vertically or even higher with the use of special applications.

Operators can pick up materials at strategic locations – These locations are strategically placed so that some operators can be served at the same aisle of equipment.

Maintenance is easy – These systems are not just easy to install but to maintain as well because of the modular construction coupled with a built-in diagnostics.

Multiple speeds – Different speed settings for both horizontal and vertical can be used to match the activities of the warehouse.

Provided enclosures – The materials will be secured because there are enclosures in different styles and colours.

Saving warehouse space with mini load steel shelving – If you are not having enough room inside the warehouse, mini load steel shelving is the perfect solution. Here are some ways to save space when employing this system:

Make use of the vertical space – A warehouse’s footprint may be limited, but it does not mean that there should not be enough space for all the products. All it requires is an innovative system that is capable of using the vertical space as additional storage areas. The mini-load system can be installed higher which allows the warehouse to accommodate more products.

Strategic storing of goods with irregular packaging – The type of packaging that the item comes in can sometimes prove to be a hindrance, but with the mini load, the system will be able to move as well as store these irregular shapes items in different storage containers such as stacking totes, cardboard boxes, nesting containers and collapsible totes without compromising space.

Less employee traffic – There are two important components of automatic storage systems, the equipment that is being used and the operators. With mini load, operators will have to pick up items only in the allocated locations without having to create foot traffic inside the warehouse thereby reducing the space allocation for employees moving about the warehouse.

If you are not sure that the mini-load system is for your warehouse, you can also try pallet racking systems.

Why choose pallet racking system as an alternative?

A warehouse is always busy what with equipment and employees running around the entire space which could be a little crowded at the time. This is where pallet racks are employed because it is useful in times like this. If your facility manages the inventory, does the shipping as well as the processing in one roof then it is essential that the entire place is organised, streamlined and most importantly safe. Pallet racking will not only make inventory management easier, but it will also help in utilising the warehouse space available. Pallet racking systems are mostly employed in a warehouse with problems such as the following:

Not enough space – If a warehouse seems to have run out of space when it comes to floor area and will if it is not accepting any more inventories and hinders the workflow of the business, then pallet racks are the solution. These racks will be able to use not just the floor are of the warehouse but its vertical space as well which is a safe method of saving your inventory and stacking is done easier as well.

Injuries in Workers – A business will suffer in case a worker gets injured while at the work site. Your employee may suffer a serious injury that will leave him unable to work, the business insurance rate will go higher, the company might be sued with a lawsuit and the incident might affect the overall morale of the workers. If your warehouse has a lot of moving parts, then a pallet racking system is a good option to make sure there are less clutter and prevents the most common risks that are usually dealt by the workers.

Damaged goods and items – If your existing inventory management processes are resulting in goods and items being damaged, then it is time to change it. Damages will not only lead to wastes in the inventory, but it can cost shortage in the supply as well. This will significantly affect the revenue and profits of the business.

With the many options for racking and shelving, there is now more ways to make a warehouse more effective and to save a lot of space for more revenue and higher profit.